FULL electric


Round bending machine without groove system.


The Lima SL-3 rolling machine is a versatile and innovative machine that is capable of rolling circular radius and CNC radius of different diameters and shapes. Our machine is designed to ensure the speed and accuracy of upper roll, allowing for the most efficient and precise manufacturing process possible.

With our touchscreen technology, you have access to over 200 programs of different materials and styles of shape, making it incredibly easy to customize your rolls to your exact specifications. This feature ensures that you can create any shape and dimension with ease and accuracy.

With this machine, you can round diameters from 70mm up to 200mm.

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Length 3m 4m 5m 6m
Rolling thickness
Steel <0,8mm <0,7mm <0,6mm <0,6mm
Aluminium (AL) <0,9mm <0,8mm <0,8mm <0,8mm
Titanzinc <0,9mm <0,9mm <0,8mm <0,8mm
Copper (Cu) <1mm <0,9mm <0,9mm <0,8mm
Electricity 380V,50Hz,16A CEE
Lenght 3950mm 4950mm 5950mm 6950mm
Width 950mm
Height 1800mm
Weight 1450kg 1600kg 2100kg 2650kg
U shape radius

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